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AMDT M4P Approach

Transforming Tanzania agricultural subsectors through market system development

Generate Evidence
Identify systemic constraints and their root causes
Pilot and Assess
Pilot innovative ways to address identified constraints
Scale-Up and Assess
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Knowledge Management
Promotion and practice of the M4P in agriculture

Developing Agricultural Market Systems in Tanzania

Current interventions in Sunflower
Impacting livelihoods and communities
Sunflower subsector
Transforming the edible oil industry

Our work in the Sunflower

Tanzania is a major Sunflower producing country in Africa, but still the country imports up to 400,000MT of edible oil to cover its current demand of 650,000MT.

Pulses subsector
Promoting local consumption and market

Our work in the Pulses

AMDT’s target beneficiaries are the productive poor women, men, and youth involved in smallholder agricultural production and in other agricultural on-farm and off-farm economic activities as employees earning a wage or self-employed.

Current interventions in Pulses
Impacting livelihoods and communities

Over +15,000 happy farmers!


Food Produced


Acres Harvested


Support Given


Awards Won
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Stories Driving Sustainable Growth

From agriculture to renewable energy, our stories showcase our dedication to building a better future for all. Browse and discover how we are making a positive impact.

Our Impact Stories

Our Impact Stories

Featured Projects

Projects Driving Sustainable Growth

From agriculture to renewable energy, our projects showcase our dedication to building a better future for all. Browse and discover how we are making a positive impact.

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Our interventions footprint across the country

Explore our reach across the country with our interactive map showcasing the locations of our projects


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Mtwara, alongside with Lindi in the southern part, are the new Sunflower production frontiers in Tanzania. See our work here 

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Our Development Partners

Agriculture Knowledge Sharing

M4P Approach Impact

Agriculture Knowledge Sharing

Browse through our Knowledge Products audio visual and print

Discover objectives that drive our work.

Outcome 1
Smallholder farmers and related MSMEs are more able to compete and prosper in selected agricultural markets (i.e., supporting functions are improved).
Outcome 2
The enabling environment is improved in agricultural value chains (i.e., rules, norms, regulations, policy, information/knowledge, coordination and trust).
Mwajuma wants to become an agro-inputs supplier
Hailing from southern Tanzania, Mwajuma is a young farmer and small-scale entrepreneur. She produces various crops but her heart is in agro-inputs business. She has seen opportunities in fertilizers and essential agro-inputs supply and would like one day to run a business serving farmers in her community and beyond
Phoibe's big Sunflower farming dream
Phoibe is a young farmer from Manyara region in northern Tanzania. She engages in production of various crops including Sunflower, which she considers as her commercial crop. She is a mentee and beneficiary of AMDT Mentorship Programme, with a keen interest to learn about Sunflower agribusiness
Christopher: A farmer and Community Leader
Christopher lives in Manyara region in northern Tanzania. He is a farmer and Community Leader in his village. He is one of 24 mentees and beneficiaries of AMDT mentorship Programme, now in its second year in 2023
Rose's sunflower oil dream
Running a micro sunflower oil mill and serving hundreds of smallholder farrners in Mbeya City
Uboreshaji wa Mifumo ya Masoko ya Kilimo - Market Systems Development
This one-minute animation video explainer lays down the basics of how AMDT uses the market systems development (MSD) approach in its work on Tanzanian agricultural subsectors market systems
Contract farming
This video short summarises how contractual agreements work between Tanzanian smallholder farmers and private sector agribusinesses engaged in processing of agricultural produce. It draws specific examples from Sunflower subsector
Demo plots to train farmers
Listen to Mr. Kizito talking about demo plots and how they are increasingly getting popular for farmer training on various good agricultural practices (GAPs) in Tanzania. This is a one-minute radio message that ran a a public service announcement in various stations across the country
Youth and agribusiness
Mr. Kizito is back at it again. This time he is talking to Tanzanian youth regarding farming, in particular agribusiness opportunities. This is a radio message
Farmer services bundling
The private sector in Tanzania has innovated bundling of essential farmer services including agricultural inputs, business development services and rural advisory services to help poor smallholder farmer access these during the farming season
Contract farming
This is a one-minute radio message describing how contractual agreements work in Tanzania between smallholder farrmers and private sector businesses engaged in processing and crops buying. It draws examples from Sunflower subsector
Kizito on Lead Farmers
This is Mr. Kizito. He is a farmer and also works as an agricultural extension officer serving smallholder farmers in Tanzania. Every now and then he talks with farmers through the radio about essential issues in farming. This is his message about Lead Farmers, community agribusiness champions
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    AMDT’s program components are centered around these pillars

    Market Facilitation
    The aim of AMDT’s market facilitation interventions is to build the capacity and incentives among target market actors so as to bring about sustained large scale pro-poor changes in the selected market systems.
    Strategic Advice
    Where AMDT will facilitate and leverage the influence and capacities of selected partners and stakeholders to enable the improvement of the business environment for the benefit of the productive poor and agricultural MSMEs.