Sunflower Intensification for Sustainable Income (SI4SI)

Regions Covered:
Implemented in regions of Mtwara (Masasi, Masasi, Newala, Newala and Nanyamba districts) and Lindi (Nachingwea, Ruangwa and Mtama).
Target Beneficiaries:
8,000 Farmers (4,400 men and 3,600 women 2,400 Youths including 40% female youth).
Market Facilitator:
Project Duration:
9 month
Project Goal:
To increase income and employment opportunities for the rural women, men and youth in Lindi and Mtwara Regions through sunflower production.

=>Agenda: Developing Sunflower value chain market systems 

Systemic Constraints Addressed: 

Although sunflower farming has started to gain popularity in Lindi and Mtwara regions,  the current situation is that there is very low uptake of certified/improved seeds in the regions. Further, the return on Investments (RoI) is also very low resulted in processors in Lindi and Mtwara to toll mills operating under capacity. Most of the toll Mills are either shut down due to lack of raw materials or broken down due to lack capital to revamp, limited number of artisans to provide mechanical services and routine maintenance of the sunflower mills, lack of finances to invest on improved farm inputs.

Furthermore, inadequate business know-how among processors and SHFs in the project areas is hindering business performance.

These constraints are causing the sector to lag behind while it has a potential to grow and benefit key actors especially productive poor. 

Proposed Intervention: 

The project revolves around addressing the key systemic constraints that affect scale of operation for both the farmers and processors who are at the core of the market system. It  seek to achieve scale in the core of the value chain will ripple benefits to the market actors who supply the support services and stimulate a commercially sustainable sunflower market system in Lindi and Mtwara regions. It seeks to expose sunflower farmers to the key inputs and services that will result in the farmers improved productivity i.e. inputs, extension and mechanized services. 

Expected Changes:

  • Farmers have increased access to quality sunflower seeds in Lindi and Mtwara regions.
  • Farmers increase sunflower production and productivity in Lindi and Mtwara regions.
  • Sunflower processors in Lindi and Mtwara increase their sunflower processing capacity.