Pulses for Inclusive Growth (PIG) project

Regions Targeted:
In Manyara region (Babati, Babati, Hanang, Mbulu, Mbulu TC and Simanjiro districts)
Target Beneficiaries :
10,000 Smallholder farmers (41% Female, 15% Female Youth and 10% Male Youth)
Project Partners:
Market Actors: Crob Bio Science (CBS), Beula seeds Service Providers: Agro-Tanzania Organization, BIVAC, Farmer Organizations Strategic partners: Local government Authorities Input Financing Partners: Vision Fund Tanzania, SELF-MICRO-FINANCE Loan Agro and TADB Advocacy & Dialogue Partners: Manyara Agricultural Initiative (MAI); and TCCIA
Project Goal:
To develop capacities for improving productivity and market access for smallholder women, men and youth farmers in the common beans value chain in Manyara region

Systemic Constraints: 

  • Limited availability and access of improved bean seed varieties
  • Limited application of good agricultural practices (GAP) and Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices and technology
  • Weak Support Service Market for Provision of Critical Bundled Services Relevant and Affordable to Farmers (BDS, Financial Services, Information and Extension) 
  • Limited Capacity to add value on CB resulting on overreliance on whole grain export and local markets. 
  • Limited capacity for initiating and sustaining inclusive business reforms (advocacy and dialogue) in rural localities where productive poor engage in commercial activities. 

Investment | Duration

USD 200,000 | 10 Months


Introduce and test market system models and functions, with potential for sustainability and scalability, in Manyara region expected to lead to increased incomes of common beans (CB) farmers and job creation opportunities to the poor through the improvement of (Soya Njano, Njano Gololi, Red Motored, Bolote and Red Kidney) productivity and market access. Specific interventions are: 

  1. Enhance capacity of private companies, farmer seed producer groups and public research institutions to ensure availability and access of improved seed varieties for smallholder women, men and youth farmers in Manyara region
  2. Facilitate smallholder women, men and youth farmers’ adoption of improved common bean seeds and Good Agricultural Practices in Manyara region 
  3. Facilitate establishment of collective action for accessing been seeds and markets for been products through AMCOS. 
  4. Facilitate contractual arrangements between small scale women, men and youth farmers in farmer organizations and off takers in Manyara region 

Key Activities

  1. upport 40 (youth and women) to multiply improved seeds through QDS approach.
  2. Establish inputs financing mechanism for smallholder women, youth & men bean farmers.
  3. Support 10,000 to acquire and apply improved post-harvest management practices.
  4. Support 10,000 smallholder women, men and youth farmers acquire and apply knowledge on climate smart agriculture techniques for 4 common beans varieties.
  5. Train 10 women and 10 youth to develop capacity for value addition and marketing value added bean products.
  6. Support 40 farmer organizations improve their management practices and services offered to their members.
  7. Improve business skills of 14 farmer organizations to have mechanism for providing collective market linkages services.
  8. Improve marketing and business enabling environment for bean business. 

Expected Changes:

  1. Enhanced access and Availability of improved seeds and Good Agricultural practices
  2. Enhanced collaboration and market facilitation among value chain actors
  3. Enhanced pulses value addition and promote access to remunerative markets.